2024 Planning

ECHQ 2024 Planning

This set of pages is to allow for coordination and planning for EMFCamp 2024.


There’s a list of people attending here. You might know some of them, but if you don’t most of them are friendly and you will by the end of EMFCamp! Please feel free to add yourself to this page.


There’s various services and things present that might interest you, if you choose to visit our little village.


We’re located in the North East Corner of the EMFCamp field. There will be a marquee with some signage, but the biggest indicator you’re in the right place will be MastCar.


If you don’t know, get to know!

How do I get in touch?

We’re mostly active on Telegram. If you don’t use Telegram you can probably get hold of us on the EMF IRC / Matrix channels.